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Virtual Therapy​

Now offering therapy to Families, Women and Children through Tele-Therapy and Tele-Play-Therapy.

About Tele-Play Therapy

Tele-play Therapy is much like in person play therapy. Therapists utilize play as a child's language  to connect and process events and feelings with the children. In Therapy the relationship between the therapist and the client is the most important aspect. During Tele-Play, therapists connect with clients in their home. Children enjoy introducing their world to the therapist. Research has shown that children do make improvements through Tele-Play. 

Supplies your child may need:

Paper, craft materials, crayons, markers, other art supplies.

Games, stuffed animals, dollhouse, dolls, play food, blocks, or other toys. 

Therapists have games, videos, worksheets and other items that can be used online.

A laptop works well during the session, but smart phones or tablets can also be used. 

Sometimes parents are also involved in the session. Parents need to remain close by so the child can reach them in case of a technical problem.

The sessions can be done in a child's room or other private area of the  house. 

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